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Komodo Edit, free and open source editor for web programming

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# Overview

Whatever Your Language
Komodo Edit supports PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl and Tcl, plus JavaScript, CSS, HTML and template languages like RHTML, Template-Toolkit, HTML-Smarty and Django.

Whatever Your Platform
Windows? Mac? Linux? Yes, yes and yes!

Award-winning Tools
Everything you'd expect from an editor based on the award-winning Komodo IDE, like autocomplete and calltips, multi-language file support, syntax coloring and syntax checking, Vi emulation, Emacs key bindings, and more.

# Features

Multi-language support
1. Browser-side languages: CSS, HTML, JavaScript and XML
2. Server-side languages: Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Tcl
3. Web template languages: RHTML, Template-Toolkit, HTML-Smarty and Django

Autocomplete and calltips
1. Write code faster and shorten the learning curve with code completion that guides you as you work
2. CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Tcl, XML and XSLT.
3. Schema-based XML/HTML completion
4. Multiple-language file support, such as CSS and JavaScript completion in HTML
5. Support for adding third-party libraries
6. Interpreter version differentiation of built-in and standard library information

And much more...

# Download (Komodo Edit 5.2.4)

1. Windows (x86)
2. Other Platform
3. Older releases

# Homepage

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